Hi there!

This is my blog “My Weekly Feminist Rant”, in which I am going to complain passionately and extensively about whatever grinds my gears. (Pssst, you, too, should be outraged!)
Initially I considered calling it “White privileged feminist says….”, because this is what I am – at least from a sort of very reductionist perspective – amongst other things such as  a millennial, social worker, part-time philosopher and  although it has received a negative connotation lately, I also identify as a social justice warrior.

I hope you might enjoy and maybe learn something new from my rants and in exchange I expect you to challenge me if you read something which you do not agree with. Exchange is in my opinion one of the most meaningful ways of learning and the very fact that I do not have that many lived experiences connected with oppression leaves me in a spot at times utterly removed from expertise. This means, I really kind of need your input and knowledge to develop as a feminist myself!

I hope to hear from all of you soon (I’m kidding myself a bit that people will actually read this, I think)!